For black Womxn

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Many traditional theater institutions begged the question, "Where can we find the diverse stories of more womxn, women of color?" 


The answer is simple...they are EVERYWHERE! But the solution to finding them is more complex; to find them, you have to get up off your behind to hear them. They don’t come to you, you have to go to the places they are born to hear them and experience them.


In a time and society that too often objectifies and marginalizes the way in which Black womxn and girls see themselves, theatre has an opportunity to become a refreshing reaffirming experience for not just the girls on stage but the womxn and girls in the audience.  


Both artists, audience, and institutions alike were asking the question of representation, and FRESHH Inc Theatre Company has found the answer. We are committed to presenting work by and about the lives of Black womxn. Additionally, we are working diligently to help cultivate communities of the talents of Black womxn in theatre, from technical theatre to dance. From masterclasses to a writing circle to full evening-length productions, FRESHH is excited to put the voices of Black womxn at the forefront of our work. 



"Write if you will: but write about the world as it is and as you think it ought to be and must be—if there is to be a world."
-Loraine Hansberry
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